Intensive In-Home Counseling Services


TUMS provides intensive in-home services to help improve home safety for families at risk of abuse or neglect and in need of out-of-home placement. The intensive in-home services program combines skill-based intervention, which is designed to support and empower as well as utilize the strengths of families.

Intensive In-Home Admission Criteria

■  Experiencing emotional and/or behavioral difficulties that cause distress in the home
■  Returning home from out-of-home placement such as residential, group home, correctional placement, foster care
■  Displays or engages in behavior that is dangerous, and do not understand that their behavior is dangerous (cutting themselves, inappropriate social behaviors, suicidal or homicidal intentions)

Intensive In-Home Services

The program provides aid and assistance to the family in accessing needed services to prevent removal from the home. This can include linkage to educational services, psychiatric services, psychological services, medical services, social services and/or legal services.

Integrity of the family

To preserve the integrity of the family

out-of-home placements

To prevent unnecessary out-of-home placements

To link family

To link family with the appropriate community agencies and services

Community support system

To create an ongoing community support system

To strengthen family

To strengthen the family’s coping skills and capacity to function effectively in the home and in the community

Life Independent Living Skills

To provide training for Life Independent Living Skills

Our Approach

Offer Support

💠 Individual and family counseling
💠 24/7 crisis response
💠 Access to resources

Increase Self Improvement

💠 Life-skills training
💠 Improving social skills
💠 Psycho-education

Create Consistency

💠 Practicing anger management skills
💠 Coping skills for mental illness diagnosis
💠 Developing problem-solving skills

Maintain Accountability

💠 Develop time management skills
💠 Help coordinate with other services
💠 Assist with scheduling conflicts

Changing lives one family at a time