■ Assisting families in achieving a safe, stable, and nurturing home environment by reducing or eliminating maladaptive behaviors or emotional conditions
■   Successfully preventing out of home placement
■ Conducting comprehensive assessments that accurately identify problem areas and needs
■ Utilizing short-term, solution focused treatment strategies to strengthen student, parent, and teacher relationships
■  Enhancing service effectiveness through a utilization of a cross-cultural approach
■  Offering a variety of services that can comprehensively meet the individual needs of children and families
■  Enhancing service effectiveness through a utilization of a cross-cultural approach
■  Taking advantage of existing strengths, formal and informal supports, and resources within families and the community in order to bring about positive emotional and behavioral changes with service recipients
■  A comprehensive assessment of the client is completed and an Individual Service Plan (ISP) is established to address individual and family needs. TUMS FAMILY SERVICES LLC provides close collaboration with other involved providers in an effort to optimize service. Treatment is goal oriented; solution focused and utilized best practices modalities. Each client receives a minimum of three (3) hours of service per week with the exact number of hours of service dictated by the ISP
■  Coordinating and collaborate with other local and state business service providers in order to best serve the interests of service recipients CARE, TREATMENT, TRAINING, HABILITATION, OR OTHER SUPPORTS PROVIDED Intensive In Home Services are mental health services facilitated within the family home which include intensive individual and family counseling, crisis intervention, behavior management, social skill development, conflict resolution, and case management
■  Assisting service recipients in building skills to enhance healthy family functioning

Changing lives one family at a time